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MD simulation : Simulating a NiAl-B2 alloy system with Embedded Atom Method(EAM) Potential

Hyojin Park
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Tennessee

This page shows visualizations of AlNi alloy with ovito program. These structures were created by Hyojin Park in the Materials Science and Technology Division at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

the difference in atomic configuration depending on the simulation condition. the left figure is atomic configuration with successively 2 npt step simulation at 2000K and 300K. the right figure is atomic configuration with 1 npt step simulatiot at 300K . The Three EAM potentials were developed by Mishin and colleagues (Mishin et al 2002 Phys. Rev. B 65 2241141; Mishin 2004 Acta Mater. 52 1451672; Purja Pun and Mishin 2009 Phil. Mag. 89 324532673)

Interactive Structures

Color Legend:

  • Green = Al
  • Gray = Ni


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posted: April 2018.
updated: April 2018.