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Molecular Dynamics Simulation for determining viscosity of Binary Mixture of Simple Fluids

Karthika Madathil
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Tennessee

Viscosity values for binary fluid mixtures with different mole fractions of Argon and Krypton has been calculated by equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations and compared with experimental data .The fluids were modeled using the Lennard-Jones pair potential function. The viscosity for the binary mixture has also been predicted for different values of the energy parameter of the Lennard-Jones pair potential function for the different types of atoms.

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  • Ar and Kr atoms


[1] G.P Flynn, R.V Hanks, N.A Lemaire, and J. Ross. "Viscosity of Nitrogen, Helium, Neon and Argon from -785 to 100C below 200 Atmospheres." Journal of Chemical Physics 38, no. 7 (1963): 284.

[2] David G Clifton. "Measurements of the Viscosity of Krypton." Journal of Chemical Physics 38, no. 7 (1963): 284.

posted: April 2018.
updated: April 2018.