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Forming Ni_50 Pt_50 Metallic Glass with LJ/EAM Hybrid

Leo Zella
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Tennessee

This page shows visualizations of the evolution of a 500 atom Ni_50 Pt_50 structure.

A 500 atom structure of Ni_50 Pt_50 was created using a hybrid potential of an Embedded Atom Potential and Lennard-Jones. This structure was melted and cooled into a final disordered structure as can be viewed visually. The structure shows certain clusters of both Nickel and Platinum during the 2400 ps simulation. 1

Interactive Structures

Color Legend:

  • Green = Nickel
  • Grey = Platinum


1.Sheng, H. W., E. Ma, and Matthew J. Kramer."Relating dynamic properties to atomic structure in metallic glasses." Jom 64.7 (2012): 856-881.

posted: April 2018.
updated: April 2018.