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MSE 614: Modeling & Simulation in Materials Science & Engineering: Classical Mechanics

In the spring semester of 2022, graduate students from several departments and programs at the University of Tennessee took a course in Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation offered by Professor David Keffer. As part of their final project, the students identified a system of interest to them, formulated a problem statement and investigated it using MD simulation implemented in LAMMPS (with a couple exceptions for NAMD or GROMACS). The project had three deliverables: (1) a written report, (2) a poster presented during an in-class poster session and (3) an interactive webpage featuring a structure or animation from their simulation. This page presents some photos from the poster session component of the final project.

The poster session featured two competitions. The first competition was based on the votes cast by the students registered in MSE 614. The second competition was based on the votes cast by public visitors, which included faculty, students and industrial partners of UTK.

The results of the Student-Vote Competition are as follows.

First Place (Enrolled Student Vote): Virgina White (Chem)

Second Place (Enrolled Student Vote): Tobias Robertson (Chem)

Third Place (Enrolled Student Vote): William Henken (CEE)

The results of the Public-Vote Competition are as follows.

First Place (TIE) (Public Vote): Ajay Dwivedi (CBE) "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Polyphenylene oxide (PPO)-PA at different hydration levels"

First Place (TIE) (Public Vote): Rohit Ghanta (CBE)

Third Place (Public Vote): Elizabeth Heon (MSE)

All of the posters demonstrated the hard work that students put into the project during the semester.

Ali Al-Najada (CBE)

Matthew Curry (Chem)

Matthew Flynn-Hepford (MSE)

Cameron Hilliard (MSE)

Austin Houston (MSE)

Juntan Li (MSE)

Joey Michaud (CEE)

Andrew Patchen (CEE)

Varuna Pathirage (Chem)

Jake Perez (EPS)

Bert Rodriguez (MSE)

Yipeng Tang (MSE)

Tyler Walker (Bredesen)

posted: May, 2022.
updated: May, 2022.