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Materials Structure Interactive Gallery

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Materials Structure Interactive Gallery

Welcome to the Materials Structure Interactive Gallery of the Department of Material Science and Engineering.

The Materials Structure Interactive Gallery is a collaboration of the research from faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate research assistants.

The Gallery is funded by the Department of Material Science and Engineering of the University of Tennessee.


MSE 614 Gallery: Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation

A collection of more than 20 simulation projects by UT graduate students performed as part of MSE 614 during the spring semester of 2016.

mse614 flyer

Visualization of Layers in Crystals

Prof. Sickafus: Professor and Department Head, Materials Science & Engineering (UT)

Dr. Sickafus

Visualization of Gas Storage in Hydrates

Prof. Rawn: Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering (UT)

Dr. Rawn

Visualization of Defects in Graphene

Maverick Echivarre: Undergraduate, Materials Science & Engineering (UT)
Prof. Jamie Morris: Faculty advisor, UT MSE & Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Morris

From Electronic Structure of Point Defects to Physical Properties of Complex Materials using Atomic-Level Simulations

Prof. Haixuan Xu: Assistant Professor, UT Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Xu

posted: May, 2014.
updated: April, 2016.